The five-engine straight line edging machine is used for grinding/polishing flat edges of glass from 3mm to 15mm thick.


The diamond grinder is equipped with a maintenance-free, long-life bearing chain conveyor. The glass thickness is adjusted manually by means of a control wheel via a digital display.

The machine is equipped with an electronic conveyor speed control, as well as digital indicators of the pressure of the discs on the ground edge of the glass, which is controlled by rotary heads with a scale.

Another advantage of the machine is the high quality Siemens grinding wheel drive motors with SKF shaft bearing, which creates precise operation and long life.

It has precise accuracy and high durability thanks to the bearing conveyor. The conveyor feet are made of vulcanized rubber.

The grinder has a water pump that ensures the circulation of water, which then flows back into the collection container, thus forming a closed water circuit and no need for a water connection. All waste is collected in a pre-filter which needs to be cleaned regularly.

With this grinder it is possible to machine even small parts of 100x100mm

The complete production of the machine takes place in the Czech Republic in our workshop, in the case of parts that we are not able to produce at home, we use time-tested suppliers.

In case of wear and tear or damage to the grinder and its parts, we can offer you all spare parts.



3x 1,5 kW, 2x 1,1 kW 2800 rpm

El. connection​

5x380V, 16A, 7.7kW, 50/60 Hz

Thickness of
cut glass

3 -15 mm

Minimum dimension

100 x 100 mm

Conveyor speed


Maximum weight
of cut glass


Loading height

730 mm

Dimensions W/D/H

4700 x 2500 x 800 mm

Dimensions of
the gate

Height - 2500mm
Width - 4700mm

Machine weight

1800 kg

Grinding wheels

Grinding wheels

In this short but comprehensive video, we offer a close-up of how a straight line edging machine works. This will give you a complete idea of all its functionalities and give you a better understanding of how it can help you in your daily production process.

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