Vertical glass drilling machine VSV100

Vertical glass drilling machine VSV100

Vertical glass drilling machine VSV100

Vertical double sided glass drilling machine VSV100 allows operator to drill holes into sheet glass from 3 to 100mm diameter.

The machine is equipped with drill spin regulator for fluent regulation of drill bits, motorized lifting bar with digital measuring of the vertical position and wheel knob for easy adjusting of vertical position of the loading bar.

Tilting preasure board and tilting preasure ring allows the operator to change the drill bits of both drilling head from the front side of the machine, which saves the space and time of the operator.

The biggest advantage of glass drilling machine VSV100 is perpendicular drilling the sheet glass with unique mechanism for drilling with both drilling heads operated by ergonomic handle. Drill bits stop position can be adjusted also from the front side of the machine, just above the control panel. Lifting bar is equipped with ruller and locking stop points from both sides for adjusting exact extent – great for serial production.

Max. lenght from drill bit center and lowest position of the loading bar is 900mm, which allows you to drill larger sheets of the glass. Moddified support frame can be ordered per customers request.

Name Value
Motor 1,1 kW , 550 – 1400 rpm.
Power supply 3x400 V (1x230 V, 3x 230V) 50/60 Hz
Drilled glass thickness 3 - 20mm
Drill bits diamater 3 - 100mm
Lenght of the drill bit 75mm
Name Value
Glass depth 900mm
Minimal dimension of the drilled glass 110 x 50mm
Weight 380 kg
Finishing komaxid + galvanized zinc
Dimension (WxHxD) 2100 x 2000 x 960mm

Optional accessories

Digital measuring loading bar

Side stop points

Height extension of support frame

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