Our installation

In the section dedicated to installation we would like to present some of our realizations.

These presentations are intended to give you an idea of the wide range of our focus, based on the different requirements of our clients, the variety of applications of the equipment, the complexity of the designs and the efficiency of their use.

Below you can see our realizations.

C2 Trnava – Stackers

A challenging order for a demanding client, which took place in 2 stages for a total of 82 drawers for storing boxes of glass „end cups“ for a glass format of 3210x2550x240 mm with a load capacity of one position of 2500 Kg. The total load of the entire structure was designed to store 205,000 Kg of glass under full load.

Constructed including design, drawings with maximum space yield and special passage between sections.

Isosklo – Handling tables

Complete design of customized tilting handling tables in front of and behind the insulating glass production line with front rubberized rollers for manual loading of glass and hydraulic tilting for loading by crane to loading points, which simply fold down after the table is brought to a horizontal position and do not hinder the smooth movement of glass on the table work surface.

The maximum load of the table has been designed, taking into account its construction and the installation of the hydraulic unit, to 800 kg, with a maximum glass dimension of 2800×4000 mm.

The robust construction and durability of the tables can withstand 3-shift operation.

Croatia – Handling tables

Complete design based on our client’s requirements and then production of handling hydraulic folding tables for a Croatian client.

These tables are constructed in various sizes, they also have movable castors and height-adjustable legs for fixing the position and adjusting the height of the table..

Illuminated handling tables

A special type of table was designed for an Italian client, combining tilting of one axis by a hydraulic aggregate and the other axis pneumatically to tilt the table for glass exit off the next line.

The table was equipped with LED lights to check the quality of the glued surfaces between the glass.

The maximum table load was designed to 800 kg for a maximum glass size of 3210×2550 mm.

Handling table for glass bonding

Simple hydraulically folding table with removable stop points for gluing and lowering glass with rubber swivel rollers for maximum smoothness of glass movement on the surface.

The dimensions of the table’s working surface and its load can be varied according to the client’s requirements, ranging from 200-800 kg and a maximum glass format of 3210×2550 mm, etc.

Stackers A4 Dolný Kubín

At first glance, an old wine cellar, which instead of wine filled the maximum possible number of A4 drawers with a total of 44 drawers.

A sophisticated installation that increased the efficiency of glass storage and handling in a medium-sized operation, with an emphasis on maximising the use of the space.

The maximum dimension of stored glass 1900x2550x60 mm.

Maximum position load 500 kg. Total design load at full load 22 000 kg.

Pull-out stand for delivery

The extendable delivery stand is the ideal tool for transporting plate glass or finished products to your clients.

The stand can extend more than half its length without the support of a caster, with the support of a caster it can slide almost all the way out of the vehicle.

The smooth, effortless operation will make glass handling more comfortable for your workers, increasing the efficiency and safety of glass transportation.

The load capacity of the rack and its dimensions vary by the type of van it is designed to fit.

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