The hydraulic tilting table is the ideal tool for small and large batch handling of glass before production and finishing processes.


The hydraulic handling table has a vertical tilting position for loading the glass. This is provided by a powerful hydraulic power unit, which is controlled by buttons on the control panel. Its tilting speed is adjustable.

A simple movement of the lever extends the support paws for loading the plate glass, which are magnetically secured.The support paws have a rubberised contact part to protect the edge of the loaded glass.

The work surface of the table itself is equipped with high quality rotating rubber rollers of the English manufacturer, which ensure smooth running of the plate glass on the work surface of the table.

The tables are ideal for handling glass in front of and behind production lines, e.g. washing machines, grinders, drills, gluers and many others.

If required, we are also able to produce tables with other dimensions of working area or load capacity for handling plate glass.

The table is treated with a high quality polyurethane coating RAL5021. In case of requirements, the table can be sprayed in another shade according to the RAL pattern book.

The complete production of the machine is carried out in the Czech Republic in our workshop, in case of parts that we are not able to produce at home, we use time-tested suppliers.

In case of wear and tear or damage to the handling table and its parts, we can offer you all spare parts.



1,1 kW

El. connection

3x 380v, 50/60 Hz

Working height
of the table

950 mm

Maximum load
of the table

300 kg

Dimensions W/D/H

3000 x 2100 x 960mm

Machine weight

380 kg

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