Frequently asked questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions from our customers. They concern everything you need to know about the ordering, delivery, operation and maintenance of our machines.

  • Horizontal glass drill VS 75
3-4 weeks
  • Vertical glass drilling machine VSV 100
4-5 weeks
  • Horizontal glass edging machine BR 230
3-4 weeks
  • Glass stock rack RAM   
4-8 weeks (depending on quantity and type)
  • Straight line edging machine DIA5
4-5 weeks
  • Hydraulic glass cutting table FUL4
4-5 weeks
  • Glass tilting table ROL4
4-5 weeks

The machines are delivered either personally by our technician or by a forwarding service on a pallet or in a shipping box.

The price of transport is individual according to the chosen type of transport and the distance to the customer.

The machines will be professionally assembled by our technician and the operator will be trained.Alternatively, in the case of simpler types of machines, after testing and calibration of the machine at our company and subsequent delivery by a forwarding service, you are able to install the machine yourself according to the enclosed instructions.

Our machines are low-maintenance, it is necessary to follow the given intervals of operational maintenance of the machine described in the manual attached to the machine and thus achieve the maximum service life of the product.At the same time, follow the instructions of the technician who trains the operator at the eventual assembly of the machine.

The machines are supplied with an inspection report from the electrical engineer together with an end cap according to current EU standards.

We are able to produce machines in other specifications according to the customer’s wishes.

For example, the size of work tables, mobility of machines, adjust various types of accessories, etc.

We are also engaged in the production of handling racks,pull-out racks for cars,vans,storage racks etc…

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