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Feroprofil has been a manufacturer of flat glass machinery and equipment since 1999..

We offer high-quality, tested, reliable, and affordable machines for all types of glass shops, glass companies, and glaziers. Our customer base extends not only throughout the Czech Republic but also to other countries, including Germany, Poland, the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, and more.

Our main products are horizontal edging machine, vertical glass drilling machine, 5 spindle glass edging machine, glass cutting table and glass stock rack, all with many different accesories.

The main advantages of our machines are their ease of use, quiet operations, and low maintenance requirements. All of our machines provide enough engine power, proven by development and testing in real-world use.

Our company, FEROPROFIL, has become an important partner to many customers around the world thanks to the easy operation, undemanding service, and low disruption rate of our manufactured machines. We base our success on fostering strong relationships with our customers. We are your trusted business partner, offering quality machines, excellent customer service, comprehensive after-sales support, machine refurbishment, and expert guidance and consultancy in the field of flat glass machinery.

Why our machines?

Short delivery time

According our dynamic manufacture planning and efficiency of our employess we are able to offer greates delivery terms in this industry.

Proven quality

Our machines are manufactured in our facility from parts made by ourselves or our partners and suppliers from Europe.

Low operation cost

Know-how our company has built for many years makes our machines really time efficient combined with low power consumption and low wear of the spare parts.

After-sales service

After-sales service is our no.1 priority, which is most important part of relationship with our customers.

Customized machines

Do you have special demand on dimensions of the machines? We will manufacture you the machine to fit exactly your needs.

Serial production

We are able to equip glasshops and glass companies with various machines that are needed. Our machines are designed also for serial production.

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